The Best Of Clark County is the sole property of The Columbian. The Columbian reserves the right to, among other things, amend the process, judge entries and determine the validity of the votes submitted. In the case of suspected fraudulent votes, reserved rights and possible actions may include, without limitation: utilization of methods necessary to determine the validity of votes; the removal of the category from the contest; disqualifying the fraudulent votes; disqualifying the recipient of the fraudulent votes in that category or any other; disqualifying that company from future contests for any period of time; withdrawing previous Best Of awards; and possible litigation.

Attempting to manipulate votes in any way, including but not limited to the following actions, are not allowed: Creating multiple accounts or creating accounts on behalf of consumers, using third party online voting sites to solicit votes, encouraging consumers not residing in the contest area to vote, soliciting or participating in "vote trading" with other nominees (i.e. "I'll vote for you if you vote for me"), offering to supply ballots to consumers.

The Columbian, its sponsors or employees cannot be held responsible for intentionally fraudulent voting, unauthorized claims related to our survey, or unauthorized use of the award emblem; nor can they be held liable for the results of the automatic tally, or any indirect, incidental, consequential or damages or any loss of profit, revenue, or goodwill, or any claims of damage, loss, and expense arising from this public voting platform and web site.

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